At last, my new site is up and running. Since this is my first post I am going to write about a thought of mine regarding branding without walls. This is a fairly new and exciting approach to branding with Mozilla and Johnson Banks in the driver’s seat.


They are documenting their entire rebrand experience online – from strategy and concept development to final refinements. This is an excellent opportunity to show the world the elaborate process and mysteries of branding and design, hopefully this will be the first of many steps to stop the scrutiny many have against the profession I love so much.


James Greenfield points out in his article in Creative Review from February 2016 how much mainstream media fuels the general publics hate and misunderstanding of the profession. I still can not see the end of the amount of hate DesignStudio received for Premier League’s new identity, another good example of scrutiny is the rather flippant review in the Guardian by Paul Cambell back in 2015 on Andy Murray’s new logo, it is clearly that Aesop’s work do not fit his personal preference as he describes it as; “It’s just three black lines on a page.”


Are we, as designers too good at making things look simple? I personally believe it is due to the fact that people like Paul Cambell do not have much insight into the world of branding and design. Thanks to Mozilla and Johnson Banks we are hopefully one step closer to educate people about what the profession is all about.